Food Photography Workshop

A workshop hosted by Francois Pistorius & Isabella Niehaus focusing on Food Photography.

It is a full day workshop starting at 9 am until we finish which is usually around 4 pm. A great day to play and learn from each other. We start with a coffee and a welcome chat. Once everyone has arrived we aim to start the workshop at 9 am. There is a very informal chat about everyone’s photography level and expectations for the day.

My focus as a photographer has always been about lighting , I think lighting is a crucial starting point to every photograph created.I talk a bit about my background as a photographer and then through the use of prints we work through various lighting setups and compositions which work very well in each environment day and night to photograph food. I talk about the importance of finding your own style and voice as a photographer.

Once the basics about lighting and photography is covered we will start to play with a glass of bubbles in hand to stimulate all the creative juices. There will be props , textures and various backgrounds to use for each setup. There will be a selection of beautiful fruit and vegetables to create sets in each environment.

I will work to spend time with each person to chat about camera settings , lighting and composition to work towards finding your own style and create an individual expression in the environment which you are comfortable to create. I will work to create a set or two from previous Cookbooks I have photographed to copy the dish and the setting which creates a super exercise to create a previous successful photo.

As the day progress we will photograph a few planned dishes which will also be served with wine for lunch.After lunch we will work towards a few actions shots. Beer splashing , Snowflakes over a cake and some syrup dripping over a cupcake or some waffles.To finish the day we will discuss editing and workflow to create beautiful final edits for social media , blogs and websites.

It a fun filled day full of information and beautiful food and action with lunch and chat about photography , trends and techniques which will help each of us to walk away Inspired and create beautiful lit and composed food photographs.