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Turkish Delight at Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio

Turkish Delight has always been my favorite sweet. I love the sticky melting texture and subtle rosewater sweetness.

I recently started creating content with Stephanie and her super team at Jack Rabbit Chocolate studio in Pretoria. They create artisanal beautiful colorful decadent chocolates and they make Turkish Delight !

I used to buy the red box of Beacon Turkish delight for as long as I remember until one day I searched all over every retail store to hear from the owner or manager that the product is out of stock. I decided to write to Beacon and they replied that they decided to discontinue the product. I guess Turkish delight in South Africa is not a desired sweet to buy and that the local palate was either craving something less sweet and more artisanal or something with chocolate which you can still buy in a small purple packaging at Clicks and a few other stores.

I remember Wakami famous for the special and freshly made sushi in The Waterfront in Cape Town offered a few pieces of Turkish delight after an incredible sushi lunch or dinner. Every time you stumble upon a handmade Turkish delight batch it made me smile and brought back childhood memories.

As a South African Turkish delight is more of an acquired taste so it is not surprising that a product like this would become more scarce. Woolworths has a new range of chocolate and clear Turkish delight boxes , very tasty.

I dropped by Jack Rabbit recently to finish a chocolate story we started and walked into find a fresh batch of beautiful Turkish delight. The texture is incredible , a piece melts away in your mouth and there is not much sweetness. After years of enjoying sweeter versions I really enjoy less sugar. The small tasting at Jack Rabbit reminded me of Rick Stein’s journey through Turkey and the incredible experience he had tasting Turkish Delight made in Turkey. I have never visited Turkey but the Turkish Delight I have tasted and have started enjoying from Jack Rabbit is a colorful sensory mouthwatering splash of freshness without all the sugar.

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