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DW Eleven - 13 Restaurant

It’s July in Jo’burg. Cold mornings in winter but a warm day compared to what I remember Gauteng winters to be. I am driving with crisp sunlight shining in my eyes towards Dunkeld West , a Northen part of the City. I take a left turn to escape the busy road connecting all the leafy suburbs in this part of Johannesburg.

The restaurant is situated in Dunkeld West Shopping Centre , corner of Jan Smuts and Bompas Streets.

With my compact gear bag in my hand I step into the restaurant , the entrance displays numerous awards as I am greeted with a warm smile. I dropped by to do a few photos and roll some film of the dishes which the Chef and owner Marthinus Ferreira and his team has prepared.

The food at DW Eleven-13 is experimental , focused while the plates are layered with texture , color and shape. Precise cooking and plating. All ingredients are sustainably sourced with a thorough understanding of the source of each ingredient.

It’s beautiful , warm and inviting !

DW Eleven-13

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