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Chocolate Mousse Sunday

My month of June is all about chocolate. I am focusing on the Autumn colors and a bit of comfort feel good moments which has brought me to chocolate.

Chocolate Mousee
150 g of dark chocolate
250 ml full cream
2 teaspoons of clear gelatine
Chocolate shavings

Heat the chocolate and stir until smooth.
Beat the cream until thick.
Add the cream to the chocolate and mix together. Add the two teaspoons of gelatine into 125 ml of boiling water and mix until clear. Add the gelatine to the chocolate and cream mix and stir in. Place into a bowl , chill in the freezer for 20 to 30 min and then move the bowl into the freezer to set for an hour or more.

Sugar Crisps
Melt 250 g of sugar in a pan with two full spoons of brandy liquor. Stir the sugar mix until it creates a smooth syrup and then pour into an oven pan. The sugar will set quickly. I added two blocks of dark chocolate to soften the sweetness.
Place the oven pan into the freezer.

Serve the sugar crisps and chocolate mousse chilled and garnish as you wish.

Happy Autumn !