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Francois Summer Espresso

It’s a warm high veld summer afternoon in Pretoria.I have a lot of editing to do but it’s time for a quick break. Standing outside in the shade to escape the heat I get an inspirational idea. It’s time for a strong coffee. An espresso , but I feel in the mood for an espresso with a twist.It’s simple , January was long and warm but I have some coffee , a scoop of Ice cream or two and a little bit of caramel liquor left in the fridge.

It’s a treat , I worked hard in January with a lot more to finish but feeling good to start 2019 and in a mood to celebrate the end of January and the start of February. Afternoon Espresso treat using whats left in the house before the next bit of shopping.

Summer Espresso

Triple espresso
Half a shot of caramel liquor
A scoop of Ice cream
A coffee bean or three to bite into with all the coffee and sweetness of the ice cream and liquor to round it off.

There are ways to make this a lot more sophisticated or beautiful but I love my 5 minute invention coffee kick !