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Autumn Chocolate Mouse

It’s Autumn in Pretoria. The weather is coolish. The leaves are full of red and yellow , dropping all over the garden. The sun shadows are lazy and slow. The autumn leaves inspired me to shoot something old school with a crystal glass , some autumn color and using chocolate as the ingredient. The mousse is super easy to make.

Melt 160g dark chocolate in a bowl.
Whisk 250 g cream in a separate bowl.
Fold half the cream into the melted dark chocolate mix and whisk until smooth.

Melt 160g white chocolate in a new bowl.
Mix the leftover cream into the white chocolate and fold and blend until smooth.

I poured the dark chocolate into a crystal glass and placed the glass into the fridge for 20 minutes. I then after chilling the dark chocolate added the white chocolate on top , covered the glass with cling wrap and placed it back into the fridge. Once you are ready to enjoy your mousse , grate some chocolate over the top.

My mousse could have chilled longer but it sets quick and was a super sweet treat after a cool Sunday lunch.