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Fried Halumi Cheese , Strawberry and Cherry Tomatoes

Fried Halloumi Cheese , Strawberry and Cherry Tomatoes with a glass of Riesling

A food story is a very personal one. These days everyone has some odd relationship with food , what they eat and what they don’t eat. .My food blog started because I am a photographer, I shoot a lot of food for clients and so I get the opportunity to taste a lot of food. I have tasted absolutely wonderful combinations.

My blog is a personal experiment to try new things. Today I felt like summer. I am in Cape Town and I saw a color palette and tried my own version with food. Fried Halloumi cheese , chopped strawberries and a few cherry tomatoes with Cayenne pepper. I absolutely love the combination. The fried Halloumi cheese texture mixed with the sweetness of the strawberries and a bit of acidity from cherry tomatoes tastes like summer colors to me ! I had a glass of Riesling to pair with the combination , maybe not the right choice but all and all today’s combination is a personal hit and I will present this to friends and family as a summer snack this season ! Happy weekend !